Promote Media - Capturing Your Target Audience

Promote Media specialises in helping companies maximise their visibility in the ever-evolving, fast paced digital media market place we all live in today. We produce films for every conceivable type of client, industry and purpose, and strive to be the very best at what we do at any budget.

Firstly, we meet with you to understand your business needs, objectives and together create a concept and storyboard. Once approved by you, we use state of the art software to carefully craft together a web video production using the latest techniques and effects.

Your web video will complement your branding and will be a great addition to your social media and marketing campaigns to capture your target audience. The internet is full of users hungry for information, but those users are no longer time rich and not prepared to trawl through pages of textual information. Research shows that over 70% of web surfers favour video over text and images, this is due to two factors, time and entertainment.

If a still picture paints a thousand words then motion picture must paint a million.